What To Do If Your Dog Becomes Lost


If Your Dog Becomes Lost

  • Make sure your dog is wearing a collar with an ID. Many finders assume that if the dog has no ID it is a stray and may keep it or give it away. Not everyone wIll take a found dog to a vet or shelter to be checked for a microchip.
  • In Albuquerque, call 311 and file a lost dog report. That’s the number for Animal Welfare Department. Outside of Albuquerque, call the animal shelter(s) in your area. That may be Bernalillo County animal control, Valencia County animal control, Rio Rancho animal control, among others. Have all the numbers in a safe place where you have ready access to them.
  • Post on NextDoor.
  • Let the foster know so he/she can alert the people in Lap Dog Rescue who assist in rescue and recovery. We can help you make up a poster/flyer to hang on street posts, hand to neighbors, and give to local businesses. 
  • Knock on neighbors’ doors and tell them to contact you if your dog is sighted. Unless your dog is super friendly, tell them to not try to capture the dog.
  • Post on Pawboost, a site for lost and found pets:  www.facebook.com/LostPetsNewMexico